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Why Should You Join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters?

Teamsters-LogoWhen you and your co-workers form a union with the Teamsters, you’ll be able to make the changes and guarantee the protections that matter to you.  That’s because the union is simply you and your co-workers speaking with one voice. Without a union, management makes all the decisions.  But by coming together with the Teamsters, you and your co-workers work together instead of going it alone.

What can you expect from management?

When workers for a union, we gain a voice in decisions that affect our jobs, our future and our families.  Unfortunately, management doesn’t always like the idea of sharing the decision-making with employees.  So management’s first reaction may be to make a lot of misleading statements to try to convince us not to join together. Keep in mind that it’s normal for some tension to arise when workers start to build a union.  But the tension is temporary.  After we vote to form a uion management will adjust to our having a voice on the job.

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