How can forming a union with Local 781 improve our jobs?

What do Unions do?

A Union’s primary objective is to secure for its members strong contracts that provide job security, good wages, benefits and fair working conditions across the board. Once a contract has been negotiated the Union enforces all the provisions of the contract. Additionally, the Union provides a multitude of other services to its membership.

How do you Organize with the Teamsters?

Employees who desire to join the Teamsters Union must sign a “Union Authorization Card”. When the required number of employees sign the cards they are then forwarded, in most cases, to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB then schedules and conducts a secret ballot election. In some cases, when a majority of workers sign cards, the company will recognize the Union without the need for a secret ballot election.
When the Union is certified, the company is required by law to bargain in good faith, over wages, benefits and working conditions. The laws governing public sector and private sector employees may vary, as further discussed within this web-site.

What kind of wage and benefit improvements can we expect with union representation?

The important thing to remember about union wages and benefits is that you and your co-workers negotiate them – so they include the priorities that are most important to you.  And whatever you negotiate, your pay and benefits will be guaranteed.

How does forming a union make it so everyone gets treated fairly on the job?

With a union, you’ll have a written contract that spells out the way everyone gets treated – so you’re protected against discrimination, unfair discipline and favoritism.  A union contract gives you a way to resolve problems fairly instead of just leaving it up to management to have the final say.

How can forming a union give us a voice and dignity on the job?

Instead of leaving all the decisions up to management, you and your co-workers will negotiate a contract that gives you real input into decisions about your job.